Friday, March 28, 2008

Bombshell For the Weekend!!!

Hello!! FEllow!!!
ANyhow, this is another old piece re-touch and color.
Pretty fun to paint this piece.
Anyway, Gonna be away alittle bit.
Next post is not going to be any time soon.
Not being lazy, got work to do......
Anyway have a Bomb, everybody!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Big Sky

Back when I was little, I looked up at the sky
The sky was so vast...
I truly thought that I could protect
my loved one with these hands

"Why am I not getting any taller?" I asked myself
It was so hard to bear.

No matter how many times I stretched my hand out
There was no chance that it would make it across
that Big Big Sky

But I never doubted anything
I believe in a beautiful future
When the hard times came up
I couldn't fight back against
The Big big tears

Although I think
my eyes were glittering more thananything,
back then

Himitsu Kichi (Secret Base) by Takada Kozue
site I'm in Luv with...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

HOwling from the PAst

I have been cleaning up my old stuff...
Here is a finish version...
I am starting to do coloring or even drawing alittle differently
Always fun to try new things!
Here is two versions of it...good old dark outline
or alittle more nature blend in outline.

I AM back... No kidding...

Funny thing, I posed this picture at my other site Last X'mas.
Yet, I finally start to pose stuff now....
I finally admitted it.
I am LAZY!!!! Are you happy now, my Conscience!!!!
Well... Anyway I Am start uploading stuff.
Better late than never...