Friday, October 20, 2006

GREAT SArUtobi ASuma!!

Tribute to the Great Asuma!!
You have taught me more than you think...

Asuma has never been my Favorite character. However,
due to current events, he had earn more than just respect
from me.
It is pretty interesting, that I never notice the side character
until somethings have to happen. Then I will actually
appreciated it.

Late is never too late. However why are you late in the
first place. Why do you have to acknowledge the important
when you lost it? WHy not before?

Anyhow, SArutobi ASuma, I salute you!!
Although, you didn't make my eye water
like MErry, but you are pretty close!!!
I will always remember you!
Remember you
as a great warrior,
As a great teacher,
As a great character,
As a great inspiration,
As a great lesson in Life...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When IT raINs, it Pours!!!!!!

Yeah, This is a good morning! Did alot of drawings
and these two are the better one...

Yeah...I am going to clean this up and color the
girl for sure. In fact I think the girl from last post
is abit too skinny for the and my fetish...
Anyhow, Enjoy!!! It's a good start for long weekend.
KEroro episode 38!!! SUper GOOD!!! Still kind of Upset
for Merry......OH, Merry!!! YOu are the Greatest!!!!

HOttness ATtempt!!!!

VEry Rare! Very rare. NOt for drawing girl, but
Drawing girl with BOObs, Real Boobs...
Well, anyhow this attempt seems pretty ok.
I like how it ture out so far. Now
I just need to color it, and put BG......
OMG so many works.....
well at least it will be fun!!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bon Voyage!!!!!

First attempt for One piece. So moved by the story!!!
Very inspiring!!! SO wanted TO be A GReAT CAptain!!!!
GReaT LEaDer!!!! Anyhow, it's been crazy last week. I just
hope i will have more time to draw this week.
Anyhow, GO LUFFY!!!! GO GO MERRY GO!!!!!!
LET's GO to One pIece!!!! WHERe there will be alot of
One piece Bikini!!!!!!HAHAHA!!!!